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RBK Industries Limited was pioneered by Mr Raviraj B Kharmale in the year 2007. Mr Raviraj has decades of experience and knowledge in international trade. It is his conviction and dedication that has got RBK this kind of recognition across regions.

RBK Industries Limited is a part of the RBK group. RBK group is a path-breaking pioneer in global commodity trade with a portfolio of commodities such as agro-based, renewable energy, metal recycling, petrochemical, ferrous non-ferrous products, distribution and supply chain and retail business distribution.

RBK team is a result of experienced professionals from technical, commercial, trading/logistics and financial background. The vision for the company backed by professional competence, hard work and relentless efforts have given rise to the sustainable growth for the company and will continue to grow to meet the futuristic demands.


To pioneer the Global Trading Organizational Network and excel in the products/ regions we operate in and maintain the consistency in the Quality of all the products.


To be consistent in delivering Superior Quality Products to our customers and other stakeholders by collaborating with the best local producers from around the world.

Core Commitment

Our core commitment includes providing quality products consistently by collaborating with the best professionals thereby maintaining the sustainability of the company.

Delivering Quality products to the customers and other stakeholders

Collaborating with local producers from around the world to offer the best products at affordable prices

We believe in maintaining Consistency and Innovation for the products

Maintaining sustainability in society by adopting eco-friendly approaches

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